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If somebody says something pleasant
He donates himself 
As the rain moistens the soil 
And gives fertility to the ground. 

Silence is not  
Our nature, 
Is fruitless and kills 
Every relationship 
S. E. Kaube 
Books of S. E. Kaube Last year published: The paintress and some of her Paintings
Books just published  at the easel in her garden

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Suzan Emine Kaube was born as EMİNE ESE in 1942  at Pendik/İstanbul, where her Turkish/Tatarian parents had moved to from Romania/Bulgaria during the foundation years of the Republic of Turkey. After completion of the renowned Erenkoey Lizeum / İstanbul for girls, she began her studies at the University of İstanbul. By the way she worked in an office of the 'Denizcilik Bankasi' shipyard and became aquainted with a german ship building student. 1964 she went together with him to Germany, where she lived for a few months in Ulm/South Germany until moving to Berlin, what was called The Western (Free) Berlin at that time.

S.E.Kaube 2008 After their marriage in 1965, they both went to Hamburg/Germany near the North Sea, because her husband there had found his first job as a qualified shipbuilding engineer . She attended the University of Hamburg and resumed her studies, concentrating on education, sociology and political sciences.

Teacher at German schools:
With the growing number of non-German children, more and more problems arose from the poor language skills of these children. Committing herself for several years as a teacher, she taught the main subjects of elementary and even secondary schools and helped children from around the world, and of course particularly children from Turkey, to cope with the difficulties of a different school system and the strange culture in their new home country.

She succeeded repeatedly in saving children, merely because of their lack of lingual knowledge, to be shunted off to special schools for mentally handicapped by her German colleagues. Not only a few of them could been taken back to the regular schools, and some even qualified, like many others, for secondary schools and later on for university.

Her immense experience, especially with regard to Turkish children, she passed on to young teachers in seminars on IPTS, a local institute for educational training of teachers. She focused on raising a feelingin her German fellow teachers for the problems, which result from the different structure of the Turkish language, as well as the different cultural background of the children.

Later on, following growing restrictions for immigration, the number of newly arriving foreign children decreased, and she lost her teaching job. Meanwhile herself mother of two children, Suzan Emine Kaube used her thus gained time to continue her university studies. At the same time, she started bringing thought provoking and vivid Essays and poems to the public. Several pieces of her work were published in English or Turkish. Her novel " On Turquoise Wings " appeared in autumn 1999 at Fouqué Literaturverlag, Ebersbach/Germany.

With brush and color, Suzan Emine Kaube as well created works of enormous density and vividness. Her painting techniques, she acquired in various courses and by private lessons of painters friend of her.

She works mainly in collage technique, abstractly, and their pictures can be described as postmodern.

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